Twisting and Turning

February 7th, 2007 All my life, and to my parents’ utter consternation, I have always been something of a misfit.  Never could walk the straight and narrow.  Always spoke out of turn and skipped to the beat of a different drummer.  Some of my friends have quipped that I am a “rebel with too big a cause”.   However, I... Continue Reading →

Twisting and Turning

June 5th, 2005 Before I could open my eyes, as my eyelids fluttered in a struggle to free themselves from sleep, I felt myself breathe.  The air slowly filled my lungs with a soothing coolness that as I exhaled I felt a calm flood my body.  I inhaled deeply once again and my eyes opened wide as... Continue Reading →

Twisting and Turning

January 7th, 2005 This isn’t an extraordinarily special day.  This span of 24 hours that shall pass from dawn to dusk and then end in the still frozen chill of another winter sunrise.  Fate had not determined a series of significant events for my loved ones or me on this the 7th of January, 2005, but I have other... Continue Reading →

Who Should Be In Your Social Safety Net?

What is a Social Safety Net  A Social Safety Net is an excellent means to chart out the relationships you are currently involved in, rating them from most intimate in the center to working or less intimate in the outer rim or circle.  By placing people in the varied concentric circles you are establishing how the... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Care Ladder

Psychiatrist | | Hospital Nurse (if in hospital) | | Therapist, Counselor, Psychologist | | General Practitioner | | Proctor or Home Care Nurse | | Self-Help Groups or Therapy Groups, Drop-in Centers | | Crisis Phone Line and Crisis Teams (only for emergency use) | | Pharmacist | | Reading Material

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