The Moments That Count

Written September 10, 2010Last night I went to my grandmother’s bedside, it was late, the room was dimly lit. She lay in her hospital bed, lost amid a jumble of pillows and blankets. She is presently at home in palliative care making her way from this world to the next. She is dying. It was... Continue Reading →

The Art of Weird

I come from a generation in which if you were weird you had to make a choice, hide it and blend in, or be out there and don't look for acceptance. Be strong enough to own your weird, earn your acceptance through sheer force of will. They used to say "don't dress weird unless you... Continue Reading →

Some Perceptions of Hospitalization

A person suffering from mental instability should  not consider hospitalization a “dead end” result of bad behavior or a “last resort” destination. What I mean by “dead end” result is some people believe once they are in hospital they will wallow in their woes and stagnate. This is not true. Nor is it a place... Continue Reading →

A Trip to the Hospital – Part One

* Please remember all the information in the following statements is based purely on my own assumptions and opinions gained from my own personal experiences. Making the Difficult Decision of Whether or Not to Go Into Hospital This section applies to those facing admittance for the first time: The thought of hospitalization can be confusing... Continue Reading →

Slicing or Other Self-Abusive Behavior

This is a most difficult subject to tackle because there is a lot of shame and social stigma connected to it.  Many people, even fellow sufferers of mental disorders, find it hard to sympathize with or understand those who suffer these behavioral problems if they themselves have never experienced it.  Sufferers of mental illness who exhibit this... Continue Reading →

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