Successful People

These successful people have all experienced depression or manic depression (bipolar disorder).  From the Bipolar Centre, McMaster University:

Hans Christian Anderson

Buzz Aldrin



Robert Burns

Lord Byron

Dick Cavett

Winston Churchill

Eric Clapton

Leonard Cohen

Charles Dickens

Emily Dickenson

Patty Duke

T.S. Elliot

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Connie Francis

Peter Gabriel

Judy Garland

Vincent Van Gogh

Charles Haley

Stephen Hawking

Ernest Hemingway

Jimmy Hendrix

John Keats

Vivian Leigh

Abraham Lincoln


Marilyn Monroe

Isaac Newton

Edgar Allan Poe

Cole Porter

Charley Pride

Robert Louis Stevenson

James Taylor

Peter Tchaikovsky


Dylan Thomas

Mark Twain

Ted Turner

Mike Wallace

Walt Williams

Virginia Woolf

Tennessee Williams


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