How I Manage My Manic Episodes

  • My husband is a great early detection system for me.  He usually can detect the subtle signs that I am on the verge of a manic episode.  It is a good way for me to prepare myself for the coming onslaught.
  • I minimize my social responsibilities.  My husband takes over my social activities; he steers me clear, even if I protest, of anything negative.
  • I reduce my social calendar to only very close friends and family. (people who are aware of my illness and understand).
  • Stay away from alcohol or any other mood altering substances.
  • I try to focus on projects I can do, like my jewelry or writing.
  • I take my meds and my husband monitors them to make sure I do take them.  (find someone to monitor your meds and make sure you take them).
  • I have found someone to be responsible to; someone who will questions odd behaviour (my husband).  It is a good idea to get someone close to you to act as an advisor and observer for you.  You will find it really helps to have someone looking out for you.  It is effective even if they only come once a day or even once a week; as long as you know they will check up on you.
  • I will now seek help if I feel I am spiraling out of control; sometimes I will go to a crisis centre or a hospital.
  • I establish safe places; places that I know are emotionally safe for me to be at; like a close friend’s house or a member of my family’s home.  A place that you can go if you need to get out of the house and go somewhere.
  • Try to focus on the here and now not the future; the future will come on its own.
  • If you are a creative personality try to pick out one of the myriad of ideas racing around in your head and stick to it.  Hopefully you will be able to appease your mind by doing and finishing at least one project.
  • Start an exercise program to alleviate some of your restless spirit, turn youre pent up energy into something positive.  Do aerobics, jogging, exercise bike, etc?
  • Make sure to eat even if you are not hungry or in a rush
  • If you have children try to allow your spouse or family to help you with their care.  Sometimes we are the best parents when we are willing to admit we need help.  Let them take the kids out or if it really gets difficult allow them to provide for their care.
  • Don’t hide your illness from your children.  They are a lot more understanding than you think.  I have explained to my son about my illness.  Now, if I am out of control or in the hospital he isn’t afraid because he knows what is going on.  He understands and does not hate me for my problems.  He is very compassionate and caring.  And he is only seven.
  • Try to get enough sleep.

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