What An Illness Journal Can Be/Do For You

  • Clarifies One’s Thoughts
  • Stimulates Personal Growth
  • Displays Negative And Positive Patterns In One’s Life/Relationships
  • Alleviates Stress
  • Allows One New Perspectives On Issues For Better Decision Making
  • Enhances Self Knowledge
  • Vents Pent Up Emotions
  • Forces One To Think Issues Through Step by Step
  • Eases Decision Making/Improves Problem Solving
  • Exorcises One’s Demons (So To Speak)
  • Gives One Insights Into One’s Self
  • Starts the sorting and categorizing of thoughts, memories, facts into some sort of organized order to promote understanding of issues
  • Marries Life Experiences To Lessons Learned
  • Serves as a resource, of a kind, for one to turn too when one is confused over who he/she truly is.  A statement of one’s identity.
  • Gives One Freedom Of Expression
  • Records One’s Journey, Treatments, What Worked, What Didn’t, One’s Medical Testimony
  • Gives One Self Confidence As One Discovers His/Her Progress In Their Mental Health As He/She Continues To Journal
  • Allows One To Express Themselves And Create In a Safe Environment
  • Helps To Sort Out Confusing Thought Patterns
  • Validates Emotions
  •  Aids One In Letting Go Of Emotions And Issues
  • Strengthens One’s Sense Of Self
  • Acts As A Confidant/Counselor
  • Allows One To Feel Important Enough To Leave His/Her Mark On This World In The Pages Of His/Her Journal.  Legitimizes One’s Existence
  • Brings Inner Feelings Into Relation With Associated Events

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