Behavioral Addictions

Unhealthy Habitual Eating Practices: Fixation On Certain Foods- i.e. Coffee, Carbohydrates Binge Eating During my undiagnosed years I found myself fixated on certain foods.  I had to eat them. And, usually I binged on them.  These weren’t your typical cravings; I needed the food like it was a drug, a fix.  The foods I found myself obsessed with unfortunately... Continue Reading →

A Taste for Oblivion – Addictions and Mental Health

I find it of extreme import to preface this article by stating that the information found herein cannot be substantiated by formal medical references obtained from professionals involved in research fields concerning these areas of study, medical journals, or by practicing psychiatric practitioners.  All statements are entirely based on the summation of my own opinions gleaned... Continue Reading →

Romance on the Ward

One should expect romantic relations between patients on the psyche ward to be strictly discouraged by all levels of attending medical staff.  Now, one might say that this is an infringement on a patient’s basic rights to be able to freely interact with whomever however one pleases.  And at first glance, these policies seem quite oppressive, especially... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Mental Trampoline

Welcome to My Mental Trampoline A Bipolar Web Site More and more I have met people in my community who have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Most seem apprehensive and unwilling to admit their disability because of the stigma attached to mental illness. I find this sad and worrisome. How are we to live normal... Continue Reading →

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