Symptoms of a Manic Episode

  • Unrealistic delusions of grandeur, you feel like you can do anything (not medicated)
  • Take on too many projects, too large projects (it is impossible to finish them) (not medicated)
  • Social butterfly  (everyone likes me, who cares attitude, need to socialize) (not medicated)
  • Take dangerous risks (with your health, your job and your family) (not medicated)
  • Unsympathic attitude towards others (no empathy at all)
  • Obsessive/Compulsive behavior (cleanliness issues, repetitive tasks)
  • Racing thoughts (not medicated)
  • Hyperactivity (can not sit down for a long duration) (not medicated)
  • Shaking (your body can vibrate)
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Sudden weight loss (not medicated)
  • Urge to stop taking medications
  • Enhanced self image (not medicated)
  • Enhanced sex drive (not medicated)
  • Feelings of vigor, more energy (not medicated)
  • The world is centered around you (not medicated)
  • Everything is apocalyptic (not medicated)
  • Need for alcohol and drugs, the need to feel high
  • Insatiable appetite for attention and action even if it is bad attention and bad action
  • Hallucinations (hearing chanting or voices talking, smelling smoke, feeling a touch etc. (not medicated)
  • Paranoia which can be extreme (not medicated)
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Feel an extremely strong urge to do socially inappropriate things (making a spectacle of oneself, doing something you normally would not become involved with, be the life of the party) (not medicated)
  • Be an emphatic speaker (use your hands more and talk and laugh loudly)
  • Night frights (waking up thinking there are aliens in your room, a ghost at the foot of your bed, terrifying delusions that involve someone coming to get you) (not medicated)
  • Spend money unrealistically (not medicated)
  • Pain tolerance level is higher
  • Don’t feel hunger as fast
  • Binge eating

When you see not medicated by the symptom listed, it means it is controlled when I am properly medicated.  I, however, still suffer the effects of this symptom, just not to the same degree.  If I have missed a symptom or you have others, I apologize.  Like I said, these are only the ones I have personally experienced.  If you wish to discuss you symptoms, whether they are similar to mine or not, please feel free to email me or leave a message on the message board.

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