Introduction to Symptoms

The symptoms I am about to list are ones that that I have personally experienced and have witnessed in other bipolar sufferers.  This is not a list that has been compiled by a medical practitioner, so if you need further information, please refer to an accredited medical site on Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder.

 Many of these symptoms affect me to varying degrees depending on my mental health at the time (whether I am on a high or a low).  They can also be more or less debilitating depending on whether I am properly medicated or not.  This list is not a means by which to independently diagnosis one’s self.  It is meant to draw attention to the symptoms persons unaware of their illness might be exhibiting.  These persons may not know the cause their condition and are struggling to understand what is wrong.  This list might put up some red flags in their minds, or in the minds of their loved ones who may also be seeking answers on their behalf. 

 If you feel an overwhelming sense of similarity between how you feel and the symptoms listed below, make an appointment with a physician and get a medical opinion.  Don’t let it go on too long or else you could find yourself in an emergency ward getting your stomach pumped or fifty stitches in your head because you thought you could fly.  This disorder doesn’t go away.  It will get only harder to manage without medication.

 Just remember everyone suffers differently from this disorder.  So, if there are some symptoms that you don’t experience or you experience ones not on the list, you may be experiencing Manic Depression.  There are however, similarities that physicians can identify in bipolar patients.  The moods occur in cycles; Manic highs and Depressive lows.  These cycles are repetitive and happen over extended periods of time.  The cycles include illusions of grandeur, paranoia, very addictive personality and self-destructive behavior.  Many Bipolar people have very creative personalities and find the most productive periods in their lives are their Highs.

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