Short Biography by Tasha

I was first hospitalized for manic depression at the age of 22.   The hospital stay was six weeks.  I had been a 5th year University student with a History/Drama major and was maintaining a 3.4 Grade average.  Sadly, after my hospital stay life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt. Since I have always enjoyed using the... Continue Reading →

Just a Thought

Jane and her husband were walking through a mall and there was an area set aside in the center for a blood drive.  They smiled at each other and shrugged guiltily.  Her husband said,"I guess we should do that one day, I haven't given blood in years." They both turned and glanced over at the... Continue Reading →

Symptoms of a Depressive Episode

Suicidal thoughts (not medicated) Thoughts of self-injury, satisfaction in inflicting pain on oneself (not medicated) Self-destructive behavior (not medicated) Obsessive thoughts with death Reclusive tendencies Melancholy and taciturn disposition Extreme mood swings (being angry, sad, unemotional and apologetic at the spur of the moment) Often in tears Irritable Loss of concentration (small or large tasks... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Within Me

I found this short piece of writing in one of my old journals. It brought back very emotionally charged memories.  When I read it over again I had to take a couple of deep breaths and remind myself I wasn't that person anymore. Sure, even now the feelings in this piece sometimes rear their ugly head,... Continue Reading →

Symptoms of a Manic Episode

Unrealistic delusions of grandeur, you feel like you can do anything (not medicated) Take on too many projects, too large projects (it is impossible to finish them) (not medicated) Social butterfly  (everyone likes me, who cares attitude, need to socialize) (not medicated) Take dangerous risks (with your health, your job and your family) (not medicated)... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Symptoms

The symptoms I am about to list are ones that that I have personally experienced and have witnessed in other bipolar sufferers.  This is not a list that has been compiled by a medical practitioner, so if you need further information, please refer to an accredited medical site on Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder.  Many of... Continue Reading →

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