What An Illness Journal Can Be/Do For You

Clarifies One’s Thoughts Stimulates Personal Growth Displays Negative And Positive Patterns In One’s Life/Relationships Alleviates Stress Allows One New Perspectives On Issues For Better Decision Making Enhances Self Knowledge Vents Pent Up Emotions Forces One To Think Issues Through Step by Step Eases Decision Making/Improves Problem Solving Exorcises One’s Demons (So To Speak) Gives One... Continue Reading →

What To Include In An Illness Journal

Here is a list of things a person may wish to include in his/her illness journal:  Medication Chart Social Safety Net Current Medical Information (Doctor’s and Specialist’s Information, Appointments, Names and Contact Numbers of Mental Health Providers, etc.) Entries about daily dealings with one’s illness and how one copes Journal anything one learns about one’s... Continue Reading →

What An Illness Journal Should Not Be

A journal should not be a source of angst or stress.  When using a journal a person should not feel intimidation or inadequacy about his/her abilities in penmanship, grammar, literacy, or his/her adeptness at writing (the turn of a phrase).  A person should not believe a journal is a grand theatrical stage with which to portray his/her... Continue Reading →

Illness Journaling

It has been suggested by a multiple of studies and numerous psychiatric health professionals that illness journaling, or journaling in general, can be an extremely positive and therapeutic process for a mentally ailing person.  A journal can, it has been found in these studies, be a valuable guide in steering an emotionally plagued person towards the... Continue Reading →

Holiday Horrors – Dealing with the Holidays

The holidays, they are fast approaching; bringing with them hoards of estranged relatives, expenses you cannot bear, and far too many opportunities for a person to overindulge in intoxicating substances and all around stupid behavior.  This time of year can send even the most stable of us teetering on the edge of sanity. So, how can a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Bipolar

In the matter concerning intimate friendships and relationships, bipolar sufferers can be at quite a disadvantage, especially when one takes into consideration that most interactions with their significant others are typically charged with heightened emotions, not to mention intense psychological espionage on the sufferer’s part (this is sadly due to paranoia and other symptoms related to... Continue Reading →

Patient Rights in Hospital

The state or province in which you are currently residing governs facilities psychiatric patients may be institutionalized in with strict controls and legislation.  Each and every state/province will have differing policies on the maintenance of its own psychiatric establishments, but there will be nation wide controls and acts that preside over the humane treatment of all... Continue Reading →

Behavioral Addictions

Unhealthy Habitual Eating Practices: Fixation On Certain Foods- i.e. Coffee, Carbohydrates Binge Eating During my undiagnosed years I found myself fixated on certain foods.  I had to eat them. And, usually I binged on them.  These weren’t your typical cravings; I needed the food like it was a drug, a fix.  The foods I found myself obsessed with unfortunately... Continue Reading →

A Taste for Oblivion – Addictions and Mental Health

I find it of extreme import to preface this article by stating that the information found herein cannot be substantiated by formal medical references obtained from professionals involved in research fields concerning these areas of study, medical journals, or by practicing psychiatric practitioners.  All statements are entirely based on the summation of my own opinions gleaned... Continue Reading →

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